Friday, October 31, 2008

Fertility report

This morning I talked to our embryologist, we have 16 fertilized embryos out of the 24 eggs retreived. I'm happy that we have a high number of embryos at this time but I did feel a little bit sad for the 8 eggs that didn't make it.
I talked to the embryologist about our PGD, she informed me that the embryos that make it till Sunday will be biopsied and on Monday they will run the PGD testing. They are looking for chromosomal abnormalities. This will help our embryologist select the best, normal embryos.
So far I'm excited that things are moving forward and everything is looking good but we're not going to be able to know for sure until Tuesday when the PGD results are in. Tuesday is also my transfer day at 1pm PST. I've scheduled my acupuncturist to meet me at my RE's office at that time too for an extra "feel good" factor.
I'm toying with the idea of transferring 3 embryos. As I've posted here already a couple of times, it's something that is constantly at the back of my mind.
I'm still a little sore in my ovaries but it's definately better than yesterday. I have no bloating or swelling like with my last IVF cycle. My ovaries were so swollen that I looked like I was 5 months pg! It was very painful especially when I had a full bladder on transfer day.
Today is Halloween and I'm going to take my daughter who is 18 months old, trick or treating this afternoon at the mall. She's still is too young to understand what is happening but it's a chance for her to hang out with other kids and have some fun! Also for me to keep busy!

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