Monday, September 29, 2008

Biopsy rescheduled

Today was supposed to be my first biopsy but since I still had my one large cyst on my right ovary, the Dr decided to post pone the biopsy and go with the aspiration of the cyst instead. It wasn't very pleasant, he shot some pain medicine in my cervix and proceded to jabbing me with a needle right through the cyst and drained it all out. I'm to continue taking my BCP for another 11 days to make sure all remnants of the cyst are gone and then I go in for try number 2 of said biopsy.
One of my best friends, had one done and said it was very painful, however she feels pain and discomfort during a pap, which I don't so I hope that it won't be too bad for me. Also she fell pregnant on her first IUI following her biopsy so that is a good sign. We are doing the biopsy because our RE has read articles that suggest a higher rate of implantation following endometrial biopsies. Apparently when done at the right time, it sets of a chemical reaction that incourages implantation.
We shall see what happens but at this rate, we will be pregnant come Xmas!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

eve of endometrial biopsy

Tomorrow is day 1, biopsy day 1. I'm a little nervous about the procedure but I know that the whole point of it is to get pg. Also I hope that my cysts are no longer there, that would really throw things up in the air.
It's also the first day of taking my medicines if everything goes well with my apt, then I start on my calendar!
I'm nervous but excited too, God will take care of it for us this time!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Calendar has been received!

So I received my calendar from my dr's office and it's all beginning to hit me that we are going to go through the whole IVF process again. I'm really excited and thinking positive, this one is gonna be it, I know it! The other day I was driving home from work and the sky was over cast, I could see the rays of sun light coming through the clouds and it felt like God was telling me that He will make this allright for us. He will shine a light through the clouds. I smiled!
The 2 main differences in this cycle are I have 2 endometrium biopsies scheduled, one on the 29th and one on October 4th both at 9.30am. There has been studies suggesting that endometrial biopsies can increase the success rates for IVF. I'm not quite sure how but I'm willing to try anything to make this work out. The other is we're planning to do PGD to make sure we are only transferring normal looking embryos. So far we've been transferring 2 blastocysts on our fresh cycles (except for one) but I'm been considering transferring 3 this time. It's a huge risk for us because I have an incompetent cervix that has caused me to loose 2 babies at 20 weeks and being preggo with more than one baby could result in disaster. On the other hand, this is our last try and I NEED it to work. I'm going to have a cerclage anyway if I can make it to that point of 12 wks preggo.
I've also been concerned about the 2 cysts that I have on my ovary. Before the biopsy on the 29th, my RE will do an ultra sound to check to make sure they have gone away, if not he will have to delay my cycle.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day 1

Today is day one for what will probably be our last IVF cycle. I took my first pill in preparation of our upcoming cycle.