Thursday, October 30, 2008

ER update

I'm back home from my ER and everything went really well. We were able to get 24 eggs and now we just wait for them to fertilize. I hope to get at least half of them fertilize and then we will have a lot of embryos to PGD. They PGD on day 3 and we don't get the results until just before transfer on day 5. I pray that we get some really great, normal embryos.
The thing with us is that every cycle we end up with a high number of eggs which result in a high number of embryos however so far we haven't been able to successfully complete a pregnancy and only one IVF turned out to be a baby. Not very good results to speak of. The embryos look good under microscope but then they end up as blighted ovums (twice) and once BFN.
I pray to God to bless us with this one thing that we are so desperately wanting.
Now we just wait for our fertility report. They should call us tomorrow with our numbers. For now, I'm still sore so I'm going to just lay on the couch and watch movies!

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