Tuesday, November 4, 2008

PGD results are in!!!

Our results came in this morning and everything is going great!
Out of 16 fertilized embryos, 13 were PGD's since 3 were untestable. Out of 13 tested we ended up with 7 normal embryos, 4 of which are at the blastocyst stage and 3 are pre blasts.
I'm really happy right now that we have several embryos to choose from! WHOOOHOOOO!!!!
This is going to work, I can feel it! God has answered my prayers!
Hold on..... calm down! It's too soon to get excited, we have just jumped over one hurdle, there are plenty more coming our way. (that's my concience talking!)
Interesting fact, 2 of our abnormal embryos were Down Syndrome babies, our embryologist said that it's rare to see an embryo only being affected by Downs and nothing else. Yet again, we are a rare case for our PGD too! Rare case for IVF failure with no apparent reason too! I don't want to be rare, I want to be regular, get preggo, go to term (or as close as I possibly can) and give birth! That's it! No big deal!!!! Yeah, right, for us it's a huge deal!
ET is scheduled for 1pm, another hurdle coming up!!!!


Nikki said...

ET's no hurdle compared to the ones you've cleared already!! Yay! Awesome results Kaila! Good luck for your ET.

Lisa said...

WOW!! I just came across your blog and wanted to say WAY TO GO!!! Those are amazing results. Good luck on your ET. I hope your embies snuggle in tight and you also have some to freeze! GOOD LUCK!